Alien Invasion
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j4Game is a Java library for Game development. The first version been built to coincide
With the port of Toxic Bunny to Java. The first version is focused on 2D only. Version 2 is
planned to go to OpenGL
Why Java
Perhaps the most frequently asked question. Why try to write games in Java.
There are a few reasons we choose to use Java.

Firstly by default our work runs on Windows, Linux and MAC. That alone is a good reason.
Sun spends a great deal of effort making the Java platform run the same on all
Operating Systems with additional effort within j4Game we expect to have a stable
predictable environment. The one restriction to this statement currently is Console devices.

Additionally Java offers far better stability at the cost of some performance. Honestly these
days machines are so powerful we can spend some performance to gain some stability.
I have heard many arguments that C++ can give the same levels of stability but I have
personally had to patch too many games and still have them unstable to buy into that.

More Information
To find out more about j4Game read the About section on the web page.
It will give you more depth to each of the goals of the platform.
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