Alien Invasion
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This was our first attempt for the ISR 2012 (Indie Speed Run 2012)

A team of no more than 4 contributors has 48 hours to produce and develop a completely
new game and deliver back to the organizers.

A theme and an element that has to be in the game is revealed at the moment you hit
the GO!! Button.

Our Theme: Electricity
Our Element: Gnome
Thunder Gnomes
All was peaceful in the land of the Gnomes until the
Great Awakening when electricity itself came to life and
transformed into sentient beings that wanted to absorb
And control all electricity throughout the lands.
Project-IonGnome was unveiled.

The bravest of all Gnomes were outfitted with the latest
Gnomology to defend all Gnomedom against the
greatest threat ever.

These brave warriors came to be known as the Thunder Gnomes
CLICK HERE to download the game